Christmas is Coming to Google – Snowy Easter Egg and Santa’s Call

Christmas is coming, and Google is prepared to give us surprises.  The first one is an easter egg in Google search.  Try entering “let it snow” (without the quotes) and see what happened?

Google Let It Snow Easter Egg

Yes, your web browser is snowing!  You can see snow flakes fall down and your browser screen gradually becomes frozen.  a “defrost” button will appear later, click on it to return to a workable Google search.

Send a Call or Video from Santa - Get Started

Another surprise by Google is call or video by Santas.  This is a US / Canada only service in which you can ask Santa to give a call to your friend.  Simply go to to begin or you may also find the following banner when you log-in to Gmail.

Send a Call or Video from Santa

No it’s not those simple canned messages, you can customize it by giving the name of your friend, his likes/dislikes, where he lives, etc. so that the message by Santa would be more lively.

Send a Call or Video from Santa - Customization

This funny game is available as a Chrome web app, check it out now!

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