Chrome Experiments Bring Magic to Mobile

Have you heard of Chrome Experiments before?  It is a web site showcasing what open technologies could do.  There are many interactive web pages and games on this site created with open technologies including HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL.

Chrome Experiments Mobile

Now this site has gone mobile.  You could see what the web could do without Java or Flash not only on you desktop or laptop computer, but your mobile too.  Despite mobile phones have less powerful specifications, they are capable to impress you.  Check out the following video to see what Chrome Experiments are.

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How to keep Google Plus in a sidebar / fixed panel in Firefox & Chrome?

Want to stay connected to your friends on Google+?  Introduced below are methods to put Google+ in the browser sidebar (in Firefox) or a fixed panel / window (in Chrome).

Put Google+ in Firefox Sidebar

Courtesy to liliputing, this method puts the mobile web version of Google+ in the sidebar of Firefox.  Firstly, copy this URL:

Add Google+ to Firefox Sidebar

Then, bookmark this link in Firefox by dragging it to the bookmark toolbar.  Make sure you choose “Load this bookmark in the sidebar” in properties.  From now on if you load this bookmark, the mobile web version of Google+ will appear in Firefox as a side bar.  You can keep checking Google+ without switching between tabs.

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Google+ official iPhone app is here, no more waiting

Official Google+ iPhone app

Finally, the official Google+ iOS app is available for download from App Store.  A brief summary of what we’ve got:

  • Currently this app is available in some regions’ app stores only.  US app store users can download it.
  • Some users reported that the app could not be installed on iPod Touch.  Anyone could confirm?
  • According to some iPad users, this app is tailor-made for iPhone, which means that you don’t get a special user interface to utilize the screen real estate
  • Only Stream, Circles, Photos and Huddle are provided
  • No auto syncing of your photos to Picasa (of course, otherwise how could the coming iCloud survive?)
  • The Stream part is almost the same as the mobile web version, which means that you don’t get much additional function from the iOS version.  (the sign-in screen is simply the mobile web page…)
  • The first version launched in App Store is a defective one.  If you downloaded it within the first 1 hour 40 mins, please update it from App store. (According to Punit Soni, Lead Product Manager, Google+ Mobile)

Google+ official iPhone app - Stream

Check it out here.

Google+ project, an awesome social service for social animals

Google+ Project: Next generation of social sharing and networking

Google just announced the launch of Google+ project, a new social service for users to share and connect with others.  It has five core elements:

  • +Circles
  • +Sparks
  • +Hangouts
  • +Mobile
  • +Huddle

Combining the above great features, Google+ is something truly marvelous, probably may start another wave of social networking.  It has the killing features of many social apps, like Facebook, Skype, MSN messenger, twitter and discussion forums.  This is what it is about:

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