Google Doodle – Playable, Recordable and Sharable Synthesizer for Robert Moog’s Birthday

In celebration of Robert Moog’s 78th birthday, Google launched a new interactive doodle on Wednesday (23 May 2012).  This synthesizer allows users to play and record tracks and share them on Google+.

Google Doodle Moog synthesizer

Robert Moog (May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), commonly known as Bob Moog, is one of the key people in electronic music.  He invented the Moog synthesizer, one of the first widely used electronic musical instruments.  This is why today’s Google Doodle is a synthesizer.

You’ll notice that apart from the clickable knobs that you can play with, there are also play, record, link and Google+ buttons.  It is quite obvious that you can play and record your own tracks, just like the Les Paul guitar Google Doodle.  This time, Google added a Google+ button, it seems that users can share their masterpieces on Google+.  This button will only appear if you are logged into Google.

If you want to know more about this gentleman, you can check out his Wikipedia page, or knowledge graph that appears in Google search result page:

bob moog - Google Search

My Favorite Music and DJ Google Chrome Themes

Music is my energy supply.  Whenever I work in front of the computer, I play music in iTunes.  When I’m out, I bring my smartphone with music and put on my headphone.  Even when I was in the college, I played music while studying for the exams.  Music is part of my life, I simply cannot live without music.

Today’s featured Chrome themes are all music and DJ related.  Enjoy the music!


Music Plus - Music and DJ Google Chrome ThemeEat

Music Plus


Fiery Music - Music and DJ Google Chrome Theme

Fiery Music


DJ Theme - Music and DJ Google Chrome Theme

DJ Theme


I Love House Music - Music and DJ Google Chrome Theme

I <3 House Music


Musicsal Theme - Music and DJ Google Chrome Theme

Musical Theme


Calrec Theme - Music and DJ Google Chrome Theme

Calrec theme


DJ Theme HD - Music and DJ Google Chrome Theme

DJ Theme HD

[chrome extension] +Music brings music streaming to Facebook

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Don’t get confused, this Chrome extension does not work with Google+.  +Music is a Facebook only tool.  While we are yet to see some music service embedded in Facebook (which could be a good source of income), this extension fills the gap.


+Music: Plays Music as a Chrome Extension

Even without Facebook, +Music is a nice music player.  It rests silently on the extension toolbar, but when you click on it, a music player that rocks your house pops up.  You search music by artist.

Plusmusic Extension Search Artist

Another convenient way to do a search is right-clicking any text on a web page and select +Music.

Plusmusic Search by Right-click


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10 shiny pop music star Chrome themes, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber…

Give your desktop a new look with some new Chrome themes!   Every Sunday I select awesome skins for your Chrome browser and Chromebook.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to follow us!

Time for a Chrome facelift again!  Last week I introduced 10 awesome Japanese anime Chrome themes.  My friends liked them a lot.  This week, I selected another 10 pop culture Chrome themes, this time all for pop music stars and groups.  These are only some of the themes/stars I like, by no means exhaustive.  I’ll come back with more pop star themes in the future!


Justin Bieber Chrome Theme

Justin Bieber

Avril Lavigne Chrome Theme

Avril Lavigne Sexy Theme (this is 1024×768 resolution, larger theme is available in Chrome store)

Lady GaGa 2 Chrome Theme

Lady GaGa 2

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