How to Backup Your Online from Google? Use Google Takeout

No matter how reliable the cloud is, sometimes we do want to save a backup of our data stored online.  Right?  We have introduced how to backup your Facebook data, do you want to do the same with Google?  No, you don’t have to manually save everything one by one.  Let’s have a look at Google Takeout, a handy tool that packs your data stored on Google’s server under your identity.


Google Takeout: Backup Your Online Data In Just A Few Clicks

Google Takeout is a native service developed by Google, unlike third-party web apps this one is authentic, so there should be no compatibility issues.  You can choose to create archive for the following services in one go:

Google Takeout: Backup Your Online Data

These are pretty much everything I have ever wanted to download, including Buzz which is no longer active.  You could also choose to download an archive for any individual service:

Google Takeout - Create Archive for Individual Service

For each download, you would be shown the estimated size of the package.  Different services have different configurations to make.  For example, you can choose the format of download for your Google Contacts and Circles in Google+.  For Google Voice, you can download your greetings and recording and specify the file format.

Google Takeout - Configure

It will take a while for Google to pack your data.  Check the “Email me when ready” box to receive notification when it’s done.  Once completed archive creation, you can download the file to your hard disk.

Google Takeout - Download

Google Takeout:

Google+ public launch in 6 weeks, with Picasa and Blogger renamed?

Picasa and Blogger rebrand to Google Photos and Google Blogs

Image via VentureBeat

Mashable reported that Google would be renaming Picasa and Blogger, two Google services without the “Gooole” label, to Google Photos and Google Blogs.  This is considered part of the Google+ public launch campaign, which is said to begin in 6 weeks.

Google recently launched Google+.  Nearly immediately after Google+ was publicly announced, Google changed the top menu bar in Google’s web sites to a black and thick sandbar, and changed the user interfaces of some sites.  Another change made was the removal of storage limit in Picasa.  Now they are wiping away all non-Google brand names, it looks like Google is set for conquering for the social network market, and is determined to make this social initiative a successful one.

How about YouTube?  Well, sources said that it will kept its existing name.  Perhaps it would be too great a shock to all Tube lovers?  Or the already rotten “Google Video” name is no good?


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What does Google+ bring? Unlimited photo and video storage and photo tagging on Picasa!

Everybody is so excited about Google+.  It brings a new meaning to social sharing, and broke the storage limit of Google’s Picasa.

According to Read Write web, it was discovered that the photos uploaded to Google+ (up to 2048 x 2048 pixels) do not count towards the storage limits of Picasa.  The same applies to videos, unless they are longer than 15 minutes.

And the limit lift is applicable to non-Google+ users too, except that only 800 x 800 or lower photos do not count towards the storage limit.

Another great feature added to Picasa is photo tagging.  It is not surprising to find this new feature, since Facebook already has it.  If Google’s going to catch up with Facebook, this is a missing feature to add back.

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