Use Google Currents Producer to Create Your Own Publication

Many people have already tried Google Currents on their smartphones and tablets.  It is obviously Google’s attempt to challenge the mobile reading market.  While many users opined that Google Currents is similar to its competitors like Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, etc. and did not really stand out from them.  However, ther is one less talked about feature that got my attention: Google Currents Producer.

Google Currents Producer is a tool for all content providers to create their publications for Google Currents users to read.  I said “all” because everyone can do it, even if you are a not-so-popular blog owner.  Let us see how this function works.


Google Currents Producer – Create Your First Edition

On the main page of Google Currents (, click “Publish to Google Currents”.

Google Currents producer - Start Publishing

You would be asked to provide some basic information of your new “Edition”.  The easiest way to create an Edition is to import the RSS feed of your blog or web site.  You can also enter the name of your YouTube channel if you want to create a video-oriented Edition.

Google Currents producer - Create New Edition

You will then enter more details, including an icon and a custom splash image.  As the publisher you can choose to collect reader’s email address.  This means that people must opt-in by providing their email addresses before they could get your Edition.  You can also add Google Analytics code to track the traffic.  You can instantly preview the Edition as on Android phone, tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Google Currents producer - Customization

Your content could be divided into different sections.  Apart from RSS feed and YouTube video, you can put photos, articles, social updates (including your Google+ updates) as well.  The order of sections could be re-arranged.

Google Currents producer - Sections

When you are finished with customizing the Edition, click “Distribute”.  You can preview the Edition on your smartphones and tablet using logging in using the publishing account.  Click “Distribute to Google Currents” and choose a publishing date to pas it to the hands of your readers.  My Edition looks like this on Android phone:

Google Currents producer - Cloud High Club

While Google Currents in its existing form still needs improvements on performance, user interface, etc. I see Google Currents producer as a handy tool for individual publishers to extend their readership.  It could help bloggers to explore the market because they have an extra channel to be known.  The ability to import from RSS feeds, YouTube channels and Google+ updates makes publishing as simple as re-using existing content.

Google Plus daily roundup: Subscribe by RSS feed, gender ratio and geography

What’s new about Google+ just now:

Subscribe to Google Plus Posts by RSS Feed


Google Plus Feed in Reader

Yes, finally you could follow somebody’s posts on Google+ by RSS feed.  It’s not a official function by Google.  Check out Plusfeed instead.

Just append a Google+ user number to the end of “”, like this: (which is the feed for my Google+ account).

The best use of this is to follow celebrities, I think.  Or, you could keep track of what your better half talks about online?

Google Plus Gender Ratio and Geography

Find People on Plus, a new web service that indexed Google+ users for searching, released the first user statistics report.  947,996 Google+ users were indexed, they found that:

  • Male-to-female ratio is 73% to 24%
  • Top occupations are engineer, developer and designer (I’m not one of these…)
  • Top countries are US, India and Sri Lanka
  • Of all users looking for love on Google+, 94% are male (new killer tool to get girls?)

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10 apps and services Google Plus may replace

Google+ Project: Next generation of social sharing and networking

Two days ago I got a Google+ account thanks to the sudden opening of application for a limited time.  In the last 48 hours, I played around and found that Google+ has huge potentials to be unearthed.  It’s not just a social network, use it smart you can turn it into useful tools.  Some web apps and services may find themselves being threatened by Google+.


(1) Bookmarking Services like Delicious

Create a private circle with nobody in it.  Whenever you discover anything interesting, either from the net or streams of people you follow, share it to this private circle.  As time goes by you build up a collection of bookmarks.  This is a creative use suggested by The Next Web.

(2) Short Messaging like Whatsapp

Whatsapp to be replaced by Google Plus?

Create circles with your friends in it.  Send messages by creating new streams.  If your friends have Google+ app for smartphone (currently only available in Android, iOS app pending Apple’s approval), it works just like sending SMS or message via Whatsapp.  What makes this method more appealing is that you have a web interface to send message.

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