Google April Fools (2) – Really Advanced Search, Inter-planet Analytics, Voice for Pets

The second round of Google’s April Fools!  This time we have a “really” advanced search, Google Analytics that shows traffic from the universe and Google Voice for your pets.


Really Advanced Search

This version of Advanced Search allows users to search for:

  • “words almost, but not quite entirely unlike” your phrase
  • “rhyming slang for” your phrase
  • exact word or phrase, whose sum of unicode code points is a mersenne prime
  • “subtext or innuendo for” your phrase
and some more… you can also narrow the search results by “font”, “textured background”, “looping midi music” etc.  I wish this “Really Advanced Search” comes true someday.  If Google is really this intelligent, we could get much more accurate search results that suit our particular needs.

Google Really Advanced Search


Google Voice for Pets

This new product features “technology originally developed for NASA spacesuits”.  A LED emitter could project a virtual keyboard on the ground for your pet to type messages (if you pet knows how to tap).  By putting a collar on your pet’s neck, what is “said” by it wuold be collected and uploaded to your Google Voice account.  The voicemail transcription engine will translate your pet’s messages into English.  There is even an Android app to make voice call to your pet!

Google Voice for Pets

What would happen if you “Call” your pet?  Will the system translate your voice into cat meows?


Interplanetary Reports by Google Analytics

My final pick is Google Analytics.  For the first time we can track the visits by our extraterrestrial friends!  This new function shows the visitor number from Mars,Venus, Jupiter…  The following screenshot shows a web site with around 200 hundred visitors from some planets:

Interplanetary Google Analytics Reports

If this could happen, I want to see friend from Mars landing on my site too!


Read more:


There are lots and lots more April fools by Google and other tech companies such as Google Fiber Bars, Google Street Views by kangaroos, super miniature Ultrabook by Sony, Reddit timeline, etc.  Find out more from these April Fool Round-ups:


Christmas is Coming to Google – Snowy Easter Egg and Santa’s Call

Christmas is coming, and Google is prepared to give us surprises.  The first one is an easter egg in Google search.  Try entering “let it snow” (without the quotes) and see what happened?

Google Let It Snow Easter Egg

Yes, your web browser is snowing!  You can see snow flakes fall down and your browser screen gradually becomes frozen.  a “defrost” button will appear later, click on it to return to a workable Google search.

Send a Call or Video from Santa - Get Started

Another surprise by Google is call or video by Santas.  This is a US / Canada only service in which you can ask Santa to give a call to your friend.  Simply go to to begin or you may also find the following banner when you log-in to Gmail.

Send a Call or Video from Santa

No it’s not those simple canned messages, you can customize it by giving the name of your friend, his likes/dislikes, where he lives, etc. so that the message by Santa would be more lively.

Send a Call or Video from Santa - Customization

This funny game is available as a Chrome web app, check it out now!

Google+ Latest Changes: Lock Post Before Sharing, Search API

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Lock Post and Disable Commenting Before Sharing

Google just changed a privacy setting, now users can choose to lock the post and disable commenting before sharing.  If you have ever tried before, you would find that you need to do these only after the post is published.  There is a slight chance that your followers could already re-shared your post.

Now you can lock the post (i.e. disallow sharing by your friends) and disable commenting when you write the post.

Google Plus Lock Comments


Google+ Search API

According to Official Google Code Blog, search APIs of Google+ are now available for software developers.  This means that developers could write apps that are capable to search for posts and users with specific phrase mentioned.

[chrome web app] Word Search Puzzle: Search for hidden words web game

It’s Game Friday!  Every Friday I hand pick awesome web games to share with you.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to get more!

Today’s featured web app game is dead simple and truly popular.  It is the word search puzzle kind of game that we should all be familiar with.  I like this Chrome web app game because the board is large enough to make the game a bit more challenging.

Word Search Puzzle Chrome Web App Game

In each level there are 20 words to find out.  They are listed out in alphabetical order on the right.  Once you found one it disappears.

There are two difficulty settings: Beginner and Advanced.  In the former type words are only arranged in either horizontal or vertical direction.  Advanced levels have words in all eight ways.

Word Search Puzzle - Find Words

Unlike many similar games that have small boards and yet contain many words (which in other words means you can easily discover the words), the game board here is quite big.  But don’t worry if you cannot find out the words, there is a Find Words button on the bottom right where you can select a word and click to reval its location on the board.

This is not a game with fantastic graphics and sound effects, but it’s good for a casual round in Sunday afternoon.  If you like playing puzzle games, this is one you should try.  It has over 185,000 users!

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