5 note-worthy new Chrome extensions that make Google Plus awesome

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I have been watching the growth of Google+ Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store.  Every once in a while I could find a new extension that really rocks.  Below are the top five recent extensions that I like the most:

Plus Minus – Select Specific Circles to Show in Stream

Plus Minus Chrome Extension for Google+

By default, you can only view all posts by friends in all your circles, or posts from a specific circle.  Now with this extension you can choose to display posts from more than one specific circles.  For example, show posts from “colleagues”, “friends” and “following” only and leave “family” behind by checking and unchecking respective circles.  This is a truly most-wanted feature of Google+

Install from here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pidkbnhjgdngcfcaikoocdanfijkgdli

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The Google+ Start-Up Guide: A complete slideshow introduction of Google Plus

The Google+ Start-Up Guide

How you you explain Google+ to your friends?  What is a circle?  How to use Hangouts?  A Google+ user, Saidur (Cy) Hossain, created a wonderful slideshow illustrating Google+.

The Google+ Start-Up Guide - Circles

I like this slideshow because it’s very graphical.  It clearly explained the concept of Google+ and why you should use it.  If you happen to have friends who refuse to try Google+, this slideshow is a good starting point.

Different versions have been developed:

Saidur (Cy) Hossain mentioned in Google+ that he would devote his time to getting this slideshow to all the languages people requested.  A Spanish version has already completed.


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How to save Google Plus content to Evernote and Springpadit

Google+ is a platform full of useful and funny contents.  From time to time you may wish to find an easy way to save  things you saw on Google+ using web clipping services like Evernote and Springpadit.  This article tells you how to do it easily.

Saving Google+ Content to Evernote

Certainly you can install browser extensions to select texts and clip to Evernote.  Here I’m suggesting another easy way.

Emailing to Evernote from Google+

Sign in to Evernote in web browser, find “Account Settings”.  In “Account Summary” scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find a section telling you how to email to evernote.  Copy the email address there.

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Google Plus daily roundup: Subscribe by RSS feed, gender ratio and geography

What’s new about Google+ just now:

Subscribe to Google Plus Posts by RSS Feed


Google Plus Feed in Reader

Yes, finally you could follow somebody’s posts on Google+ by RSS feed.  It’s not a official function by Google.  Check out Plusfeed instead.

Just append a Google+ user number to the end of “http://plusfeed.appspot.com/”, like this:

http://plusfeed.appspot.com/112143424323955745189 (which is the feed for my Google+ account).

The best use of this is to follow celebrities, I think.  Or, you could keep track of what your better half talks about online?

Google Plus Gender Ratio and Geography

Find People on Plus, a new web service that indexed Google+ users for searching, released the first user statistics report.  947,996 Google+ users were indexed, they found that:

  • Male-to-female ratio is 73% to 24%
  • Top occupations are engineer, developer and designer (I’m not one of these…)
  • Top countries are US, India and Sri Lanka
  • Of all users looking for love on Google+, 94% are male (new killer tool to get girls?)

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