Olympics Google Doodle – Play Slalom Canoe Now

The third playable Olympics Google doodle in a row!  Today (8 Aug 2012) tabled a mini game doodle which lets users play slalom canoe.  Use your keyboard to paddle down the water course!

Olympics Google Doodle - Slalom Canoe

As a player your task is to press the left and right keys on the keyboard to accelerate.  However, the water course is not straight, there are also other obstructions such as gates, rocks and water animals(!) you need to get around.  Use the left and right keys to make a good course.  I would say this is by far the most addictive Google doodle mini game of this year’s Olympics.  And you risk hurting your wrist and having tired fingers.  The quality of this game is not bad, you can see ripples behind the kayak generated as you paddle.

Olympics Google Doodle - Playing Slalom Canoe

Interestingly, the slalom canoe events were already completed.  According to the info box that appears if you search for “slalom canoe” or “canoe slalom” in Google, the winners were all born.  The events began on 29 July and ended on 2 August.  I won’t say it is a problem to show a doodle for an event in the past but certainly if a current event’s doodle is displayed it would be better.

Again, to enjoy this game you’ll have to wait until 9 Aug 2012 in local time or go to this web site: http://www.google.com/doodles/slalom-canoe-2012 if you can’t wait to play.  Have fun!


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