Turn Facebook Album Photos Into Photo Collage, Carousel…

Do yo have a lot of photos in Facebook?  Apart from the traditional tiled view, do you want to present your photos in more interesting ways?  Try the Facebook apps I introduce today.


Facebook Photo Apps: Photo Collage, Carousel and More

TopicShow.com is a web app that helps users to turn photos into web pages using templates.  This feature itself is great but today I want to introduce the Facebook app launched by them.  TopicShow developed a series of Facebook photo Apps that let users to present their photos as photo collage, carousel, story book, etc.

Let’s have a look at photo collage.  It is a tool that pastes your selected photos in a free and random manner.  Each photo could be enlarged with your custom title shown.  You can have a look at collages shared by other users from here: http://photocollageapp.topicshow.com/PhotoCollages.aspx

Photo Collage Facebook Photo App - TopicShow


Similarly, you can create photo carousels using your Facebook photos.  The created carousel has Apple-styled reflection at the bottom.  These are some carousels created by other users: http://photocarousel.topicshow.com/PhotoCarousels.aspx

Photo Carousel Facebook Photo App - TopicShow

You can find a list (with hyperlink) to these Facebook photo apps by TopicShow at here: http://photocarousel.topicshow.com/ or you can simply perform a search by keyword in Facebook.  You would be able to find a lot other Facebook photo apps.  For example, this is also a good one: http://www.photocollage.net/

Don’t let your photos gather digital dust!  Create some awesome photo albums and share with friends!

Google+ New Features – A Quick Summary and My Thoughts

Google added a few new features in Google+ in late October.  Many users have already tried them.  Do you like these new things?  These are my views:


Google+ What’s Hot

Now every Google+ user can find a What’s Hot label on the left sidebar, which takes users to the most popular content on Google+.

This is quite simple a function that should have been added to Google+ in the first place.  Google+ is a sharing platform, definitely we the users would expect to see the hot topics being discussed by other users.  This reminds me of the lack of options to sort posts in streams.  If there is a convenient way to choose reading posts sorted by time, popularity, number of comments and +1’s, users would be more motivated to post and share.


Google+ Ripples

Now if you share a post publicly, you can see how people re-shared it over Google+ in a graphical form.

Google+ Ripples

I like this function.  Firstly, you’ve got to know how your content goes viral.  Besides, you can find out how your friends are linked together by posts.  This is particularly useful for people who use Google+ to promote their sites or blogs (like me).  It is kind of funny to see a post spread over the internet.  And by the way, the graphical interface looks great.


Google+ Creative Kit

Photo sharing is popular on all social networks.  In the past it’s less easy to share pictures in Twitter but recently this part of the popular social network has been improved.  Facebook has always been the most popular platform for sharing daily casual snaps.  But with the addition of the Creative Kit, Google Plus may become a preferred network of sharing photos (at least for me).  Why?

With this handy tool, users can easily edit the photos they share.  Not only could you find simple tools like flipping and resizing, there are lots of filters to change the look and feel of pictures.  Google added some Halloween effects, and I guess this would be the norm for future festive seasons.  (Google launched a sharing activity, in which users can mark their Halloween-style photos with the tag #gplushalloween.  There will be celebrity judges invited by Google to choose their most-liked photos.  You can find out the result on 3 Nov).

This is the best new feature ever added to Google+!  For many times I needed to use other web apps like Picnik to edit photos before posting on Google+.  This process could consume much precious time.  How smart Google acquired Picnik last year to bring in this great photo editing tool!


Other Most Wanted Google+ Features

So what else should Google add to Google Plus?  As a user, I really hope that Google could add better circle management to Google Plus. When the quantity of circles grows, we certainly need a way to better manage circles.  Tagging or grouping circles, may be?  Another most-wanted feature is built-in post saving. Why can’t they provide an easy-to-use built-in post clipper?

What do you think?  What are your most-wanted features in Google+?

[web app] Crowdbooster: Get the Most Out of Twitter and Facebook with Statistics

It’s Social Wednesday!  Every Wednesday I write about web apps and browser add-ons or observations related to social networks.  SUBSCRIBE RSS feed or email updates to follow these stories!

Today’s featured web app is Crowdbooster, a Twitter and Facebook statistics web site that tracks the impression counts of your tweets and FB posts and your Twitter follower and FB page fans count.  If you use Twitter and Facebook as viral and tracking tools for your web site, Crowdbooster is something you should try.

Crowdbooster - social media marketing manager

Crowdbooster: Measure and optimize your social media marketing

Crowdbooster has a free-of-charge tier for you to try out.  You need to link your Twitter / Facebook account to Crowdbooster so that it monitors your Twitter / Facebook activities.  It keeps records of the following data:

  • Impression count of each of your tweets / posts / links
  • Follower/Fan growth
  • Most influential followers / Top fans
  • Top retweeters


You get a suggestion of the best tweeting time based on the most active hours of your followers and the performance of your previous tweets.  In my case, looks like most of my followers are active at night  (9PM, 10PM and 12AM) so I should always tweet at these time slots.  You can write a new tweet right within Crowdbooster and schedule it for posting at the best tweeting time or any time you specify.

Crowdbooster - Best Tweet Time

In graph or chart form, you can see the impression count of each of your tweets and the number of times they have been retweeted.

Crowdbooster Your Tweets Performance


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