Signing In to Chrome for Tab Sync

This is definitely not a fresh news, but Google just want to make sure that you know how to do it.  A new video has just been released to explain how Tab Sync of Chrome works.

This feature enables you to access to opened tabs in your Chrome browser across devices.  If you have 3 tabs opened in the computer’s Chrome, you can open exactly the same tabs in Chrome for Android.  Same for computer-to-computer syncing.  The synchronization is automatic as long as you choose to sign in to Chrome.  Just remember not to open your very personal web sites in the company…

Watch another video by Google about signing in to Chrome:


Profile Manager enabled in Chromium browser, Chrome to follow?

Chrome Profile Manager Activated

We have seen an empty profile manager in Chromium and Chrome among experimental features and in developer channel.  Now it’s finally activated in Chromium’s latest build (from version 14.0.818.0 onward).

This feature allows users to create multiple profiles and switch among them.  In the past you need to have more than one Google accounts and configure synchronization.  Now you can do it easily in “Personal Stuff” in the “Options” menu.  Each profile can have unique Chrome themes, passwords, bookmarks, autofill and browsing history.

Chromium is the open-source version of Chrome.  It is believed that this function would appear in the coming Chrome 14.


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Simultaneous announcement: Share on Google Plus and sync to Facebook

I have been writing about Chrome extensions that let you synchronize posts on Google+ and Facebook, like Start G+.  The one I’m going to introduce now has a similar function, it adds an option to simultaneous post the same content to Facebook.

Simultaneous Announcement for syncing posts between Google+ and Facebook

Simultaneous Announcement adds a check box next to the share button on Google+.  Whenever you share anything on Google+, you can choose to post the same on Facebook.

Simultaneous Announcement of Google+ posts to Linkedin, Digg, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter

Besides, it also allows you to share existing posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and MySpace.


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How to search Gmail and accept/decline calendar invites on iPhone and iPad?

Search Gmail on iOS

Image via Official Google Blog

Many iPhone owners use Gmail, Goggle Calendar and Contacts on iPhone (like me).  It’s so convenient and mostly importantly free (compared to MobileMe).  However, Apple will launch the free iCloud in this fall, which has native support by iOS and iCloud web apps.  How does Google prepare for this war?  Would iOS users switch to iCloud?

Probably in response to the possible threat by iCloud, Google just updated its Google sync for iOS to enhance its features on iPhone and iPad.

Search Gmail on iPhone and iPad

In the past you can only search mails stored in your Mail app on iPhone and iPad.  Now, you can directly search all your mails in Gmail, including those online (only), right in Mail app.

Accept/Decline Invites on iPhone and iPad

Accept or Decline Invites in Calendar App on iPhone and iPad

Image via Official Google Blog

You are also able to accept or decline invitations sent to your Google Calendar directly in Calendar app on iPhone and iPad.

Send Email from Other Email Addresses

This is really cool.  In the web version of Gmail, you can send emails as another user (with another email address) by using “Send Mail as”.  Now you can do it in Mail app on iOS with your Gmail account.


The above features are available to both Gmail users and Google Apps users.  Find out more about Google sync here.

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