My Favorite 10 Designer Chrome Themes with Strong Personal Style

Google Chrome Web Store has a wide variety of themes designed by renowned designers.  Some are brand-specific some feature unique personal touches.  In this post I’ll share with you the top 10 designer Chrome themes I like the most.


Yulia Brodskaya Designer Chrome Theme

Yulia Brodskaya


Andrzej Mleczko Designer Chrome Theme

Andrzej Mleczko


Matthew Williamson Designer Chrome Theme

Matthew Williamson


David Bohm Designer Chrome Theme

David Bohm


Marc Ecko Designer Chrome Theme

Marc Ecko


LukasHudec Designer Chrome Theme



Karim Rashid Designer Chrome Theme

Karim Rashid


Matt W Moore Designer Chrome Theme

Matt W. Moore


TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori Designer Chrome Theme

TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori


Yuki Nakano Designer Chrome Theme

Yuki Nakano

10 Spring Chrome Themes for the Lovely Season

It’s late February, Spring is coming to most places in Northern Hemisphere.  To me, spring means new life, flowers, warm and comfort.  Today I selected 10 Chrome themes that bring such feeling.  When the Spring comes, why not give your Chrome browser or Chromebook a Spring-ly look?


Caroline Gardener - Spring Chrome Theme

Caroline Gardener


Purple Flowers - Spring Chrome Theme

Purple Flowers


Spring Time - Spring Chrome Theme

Spring Time


Ella Moss - Spring Chrome Theme

Ella Moss


CPDD-Blossom - Spring Chrome Theme



Green Turf - Spring Chrome Theme

Green Turf


Forest - Spring Chrome Theme



Grass on the Hill - Spring Chrome Theme

Grass on the Hill


Flowers - Spring Chrome Theme



Spring Chrome Theme

Spring Theme

10 Comics Google Chrome Themes, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man and more

Today’s featured Google Chrome themes are Comics.  I am not a die hard fan of comics, but I do have my favorite ones, such as Spiderman and Batman, particularly Batman which has a dark theme.

In this article I found 10 comic Chrome themes from Web Store.  Most of them are Marvel Comics’ products but we also have some from DC Comics such as Batman and Superman.  Which one do you like?  Share your favorites here!


Spider Night 1 Chrome Theme

Spider Night 1


Marvel Heroes Medium Chrome Theme

Marvel Heroes Medium


Batman Arkman City Chrome Theme

Batman Arkham City


Superman Chrome Theme

Superman Theme


Batman Black Suit Chrome Theme

Spiderman Black Suit


Batman & Captain America Chrome Theme

Batman & Captain America


Iron Man 2 Chrome Theme

Iron Man 2


Marvel's The Avengers Chrome Theme

Marvel’s The Avengers


Spidey2 Chrome Theme



Batman Unofficial Chrome Theme

Batman Unofficial

Naruto Google Chrome Theme – My 7 Favorites

Finally it comes to Naruto Google Chrome Theme, the Chrome themes (and Japanese manga) I like the most!  Naruto (ナルト in Japanese) is a manga (comic) and anime which is popular in Asia.  It has over 100 million of copies sold in Japanese.  It was first published in 1997 and is still on-going.

Although Naruto is a Japanese comic, I think it’s great to share these Naruto Google Chrome Themes with English-speaking visitors of this blog, since Naruto also has appearance in Canada and the US via local publishers and TV channels.  Unlike common Japanese comics that have large amount of fighting scenes, Naruto has a good plot and a funny story.


Naruto Shippuden Chrome Theme

Naruto Shippuden


Naruto Anime Chrome Theme



Naruto Chrome Theme

Naruto Theme


Naruto Chrome Theme 2

Naruto Theme 2


Naruto Chrome Theme 3

Naruto Theme 3


Naruto Theme! - Uchiha Madara Chrome Theme

Uchiha Madara


tema naruto e hinata Chrome Theme

tema naruto e hinata

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