Google Doodle: Valentine’s Day 2012, Melt Your Cold Cold Heart

The Google Doodle for Valentine’s Day 2012 is an animation featuring Tony Bennett’s “Cold, Cold Heart”.  In this doodle a guy holds a painting frame with a big “play” button.  Click on it to play the animation.  Close captioning and play/pause function are provided.

Valentines Day Google Doodle

In this animation, the guy tried very hard to please a girl with flowers, chocolate, toys and other gifts, but failed.  Luckily he finally won the heart of the girl by his sincerity.  Watch this animation to know how.

Google Valentines Day Doodle Animation

At the end of this animation, a patchwork of six pictures, each featuring a couple, is shown.  It is a world where everybody living life in peace.  You can find a dog-cat couple, two same-sex couples, astronaut and ET, the princess and the frog…

Google Doodle Valentines Day Animation

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