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Chrome Web Store just received a new update.  A major new feature is the “Trending” tab which to let users know what web apps are hot now.


Trending Chrome Web Apps

In the past we could only see “popular” web apps but this list is not frequently updated.  The new “trending” tab lists out the hottest web apps and sort by the popularity.  Apps are ranked as “on fire”, “hot” and “warm”.

Chrome Web Store - Trending Web Apps

The purpose of this “trending” tab is to highlight web apps that are popular in recent time.  These apps may not be found in the “popular” tab that shows all-time hot apps.  For example, while YouTube is definitely a “popular” web app (over 1,000,000+ users installed it in Chrome), it is not even “warm” in “trending”.  This is obvious because the user count of this web app is stable.

Apart from the trending tab, now you can also sort web apps in each individual category to find out the trending web apps.  This is very useful for finding out the hottest web apps such as latest games.

Chrome Web Store - Trending Web Apps in Categories


Offline and Playable on Google+ Identification

The second change to Chrome Web Store is the new mark-ups showing particular features of web apps.  In the following screenshot, you see a Google+ mark for Diamond Dash, meaning that this game is playable on Google+ (and trending mark for BrowserQuest too).  You can also find a lightning mark for apps that run offline.  Google said that more marks for other features would follow.

Chrome Web Store - Playable on Gogle Plus Mark


Read more about this update here:

New App Categories in Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Web Store has just received a little change.  As introduced in Chromium Blog, there are new top level categories and sub-categories in the Store, such as Business Tools.

Chrome Web Store New Categories - Business Tools

This is certainly a move to help (and attract) corporate users.  There are also new sub-categories, such as Shopping under Lifestyle.  This is how Google described the benefits of these changes:

The new structure of the store will improve discoverability for apps. For example, users searching for a photo album app can now easily drill down to the “Photos” subcategory level and track down the app they are looking for. At the same time, apps assigned to a subcategory show up in the category page as well giving them wider exposure; an app in “Photos” will appear on both the “Photos” page and the “Entertainment” page.

From now on, an app would only be shown in the primary category the developer chose, to avoid confusion caused.  It would, however, be shown in both the category and sub-category it belongs to.

Web app developers are certainly affected by this change because they have review the categories of their apps after this update.  For web app users, I believe this brings easier app searching.  The new top level categories and sub-categories are, in my opinion, much better and clearer than the original categorization.


Source Chromium Blog, via Chrome Story

There’s a web app for that: Find applications according to web sites you visit

Have you ever tried to figure out if there is a web app for the web site you visit?  Certainly you can check out my recommended web apps, or perform a keyword search in Chrome Web Store.  Here is a useful tool I recommend, which makes web app discovery much easier.

There’s a web app for that: Recommend web app based on your browsing history

There is a web app for that - Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension suggests web apps according to your browsing history.  In the options page of this extension, you can find a list of web apps for some web sites you have visited.  You would be surprised to find out some web sites you frequently visit actually has a corresponding web app.

There is a web app for that icon

Another way that this extension helps you is by showing a “+” sign in the address bar when the web site you currently visit has a web app.  Just click on it and this extension will bring you to the web app installation page.

Very convenient, isn’t it?

Install from here:

Game Friday: Classic Atari Games Returned, Found in Chrome Web Store

Yes, I must admit that I like the remake of classic games. This week I’ll introduce, once again, the web app version of classic video games. I wrote “games” because there are more than one on my list. They are a group of games, all reborn in the 21st century thanks to the web technology. They are Atari games.

Play Atari - Centipede web app game in Chrome browser

If you are not sure what Atari is, read the wikipedia entry here.  The Atari I’m referring to here was a company that produced lots of home video games in the 1970s to 1980s.  Pong (the 2D table tennis game) and Atari 2600 (a video game console) are its representative products.

The Atari nowadays reproduced a number of famous Atari games into web versions.  They are available as web sites or Chrome web app.

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