[Google Chrome Tutorial] How to Create Your Own Chrome Theme Online

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Every Sunday I recommend Chrome themes for Chrome and Chromebook users.  These themes are great but maynot necessarily match your needs.  Have you ever considered creating your own theme?  In this week’s Google Chrome Tutorial I’ll show you how to do it easily with web apps.


Theme Creator for Chrome

This is a Chrome web app you can find in Chrome Web Store.  It is a handy created by Chrometheme.net.  You can upload your own images files and customize the color settings in this web app, then pack your theme into a .crx (the official Chrome theme, app and extension file format) or .zip file for download.

Create Your Own Chrome Theme

Using it is not difficult at all.  There are four tabs on the left, just complete everything in all tabs.

How to Create Your Own Chrome Theme - Image Files

You need to have a number of image files before creating your theme.  This theme creator tells you where each image belongs to and the dimensional requirements of them.  Just follow the instructions and you should have your first theme created in 10 minutes.

How To Create Your Own Chrome Theme - Image Dimensions


Chrome Web App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/akpelnjfckgfiplcikojhomllgombffc

Official Web Site: http://www.chrometheme.net/chrome-theme-creator-online.html


Chrome Theme Maker

This is another tool used to create Chrome theme online.  Basically its features are quite similar to the previous tool, but it allows you to choose images in their gallery instead of your own pictures.  So you can experiment with this tool immediately without having to spend time to create images of appropriate sizes.

Chrome Theme Maker


After creating the theme, you can apply it directly to your Chrome or compile it and download as a file that you can send to your friends or share online.

Official Web Site: http://www.chromethememaker.com/



Chromizer is a rather simple tool.  You cannot choose the color and image files except the background image.  Instead of using it as a theme creator, consider it as a wallpaper changer.  Since Chrome does not allow you to change the wallpaper without changing the whole theme, this is a convenient tool to customize the wallpaper (only).

Chromizer - Google Chrome Theme Creator


You can find out how to use it in a video published on its official web site: http://chromizer.com/



These are the simplest ways to create Chrome themes without any knowledge of web creation.  If you want to craft your own product by “coding”, you can read the theme creation guide of Chromium Project and this Lifehacker article.

Chrome Web Store Gets New Look

Google just refreshed the look of Chrome Web Store.  Featured apps and extensions are now shown in not only icons but also screenshots and featured images.  The search box is moved to the left.  Overall, this maximizes the use of the screen real estate.

New Look of Chrome Web Store

A one-page design is adopted, which means that new content is loaded into the existing page without the need to refresh the screen.  If you click on an app or extension, a new window pops up to show app details and screenshots.

Chrome Web Store New Look - App Introduction

Do you like this new design?  I think it’s a neat and tidy design, embodying both a good look and functionality.  Tell us what you think about it here!

[chrome web app] 5 offline productivity apps (Part 2)

It’s Monday!  On every Monday I review web apps and share tips of productivity and work management.   SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to know more!

In Part 1 of my 5 offline productivity apps series, I introduced chrome web apps for email, calendar, documents, note pad and calculators that could be used offline.  This time, I’ll introduce more work-related productivity apps.


MindMapr: Offline Mindmapping Web App


MindMapr is a web app that allows users to create mind maps.  Since it is developed with HTML5 technology, no external plug-ins such as Flash is required.  The user control is simple and intuitive.  Just drag and drop to create and move new nodes and edit them.  Mindmaps could be stored in the browser for later use.  (According to the developer, saving files to desktop computer is not yet implemented)

Watch this video to know how simple it is:

Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/njkigggmlihigheckmmebgogbgdmllpo


Speech Recognizer

This web app is interesting, yet very useful.  Since version 11 Chrome has a speech recognition function that translate your talk into texts.  This app uses the built-in voice recognition engine in Chrome to read your speech and convert into texts for you.  If you have a long passage to write but cannot type fast, this is what you need.  The app developer has created a Chrome extension, Voice In, which does the same thing, for easy input of text fields on any web site.

Speech Recognizer


Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aomjekmpappghadlogpigifkghlmebjk


SpringPad: Save, Organize and Read

I used to be a heavy Evernote user but since a few months ago I have changed to Springpad.  It has a true Chrome web app (unlike the Evernote web app which is a shortcut only).  Now Springpad Chrome web app can be used offline in Chrome browser, which is a great news to people who often clips web pages, make notes and create lists.

Springpad Chrome Offline

Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fkmopoamfjnmppabeaphohombnjcjgla


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[chrome web app] Chain Reaction To Explode The Balls!

It’s Game Friday!    Every Friday I hand pick awesome web games to share with you. Action, puzzle, sports, classic remakes.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to get more!

The web app game I’m going to introduce is a game created with HTML5 technology.  It is a demonstration of how games without Flash could be made.  Your goal in this game is to cause chain reaction of explosions to destroy a minimum quantity of balls.  This is a game that tests your brain and luck.

Chain Reaction

In each level you can only click on the playing field for one time.  This creates a zone where all balls going into this zone would explode.  An exploded ball would create yet another zone that could cause the explosion of other balls.  These zones disappear after a definite time.  So the challenge is how to find the best location to create the first explosion zone by anticipating the movement of the balls.

Chain Reaction - The Chrome Web App Game


The score you get for each explosion is not equal.  When you cause a chain of explosions, the score for each explosion increases.  However, once the chain is broken the score for each explosion returns to the basic level.  Think of it as the combo-hit scores you get in fighting games like Street Fighters.

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