Conceptboard – Multi-user Moodboard With File Sharing and Screenshot

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Conceptboard is an online working space to collaborate with colleagues.  It gives me the impression of a mood board (frequently used by designers) that could be accessed realtime by multiple users.


Conceptboard – Online Working Space for Multi-users

Conceptboard has a free option that you can use to create up to 25 boards.  You can register for a free account, or you can use your social network account.

Conceptboard - Registration

Simply type in the board’s name to create it.  At this point you can also enter the email addresses of your co-workers to invite them to join.

Conceptboard - create new board

Just like the online whiteboard I introduced last week, you can freely draw on the conceptboard.  But there’s more.  You can paste images onto the board by uploading form your computer.  You can also capture screenshot and upload instantly.  Users can leave comments and read other’s comments.

Test - Conceptboard

What really impressed me is the ability to upload documents.  The files uploaded could be downloaded in their original form (for paid users only).  And the board could be exported as PDF or image file.

How to use Conceptboard?  For example, web designers could use it as a mood board to share sample images and discuss different combinations.  Programmers can exchange ideas and review user interface design with co-workers.



Recently I’m starting to work with people in other countries in my fulltime job.  There are many different tools I tried, Conceptboard is in general an easy-to-use tool.  If you need to work with other people online, you should give it a try.


Chrome Web App:

Official Site:

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