Who to follow on Google Plus? Expand your circles by adding recommended users!

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Google Plus Suggested Users

Many new Google+ users face this problem.  They don’t know who to follow, turn up have only a few friends in circles, finding no interesting stories, paying less time on Google+…  The web site I introduce below solves this problem.

Google+ Recommended Users

First of all, this is unofficial.  It’s a list maintained by a Google+ user with collection of recommended users to follow.  These names, which are suggested by other Google+ users, are interesting people.  I found some very famous names such as Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki, John Chow and Larry Page in different categories.

Last week I wrote about an unofficial Google+ user list.  The difference between that one and this one is that the latter is a list of follow-worthy people who are famous in their respective fields.  Chances are you get a lot more interesting and useful posts on topics you like.  It is more like following famous Twitter accounts.

Find out more here: http://www.recommendedusers.com/


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