Work Monday: ChromoDoro – Enhance Your Productivity with a Tomato

The Pomodoro Technique Logo

Today’s featured Chrome extension is ChromoDoro, a time management tool.  Before I introduce it, I should explain Pomodoro Technique.  It is a time management technique created by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.

The principle is not difficult to understand.  An ordinary human could only focus for about 25 mins continuously.  Following this technique, we divide complex tasks into small sub-tasks, fit a sub-task into a 25 mins slot.  Whenever the 25 mins ends, no matter the sub-task has been completed or not, we stop working and have a 5 mins short break.  Then the whole process continues until a longer break that occurs after 4 cycles.

This extension helps you to implement this Pomodoro Technique.

Just click on the extension’s icon (a tomato), it will start a 25 mins countdown.  When the time is up a pop up window will appear to ask you to stop working.  Put down your pen, relax for 5 mins to recharge your concentration before another 25 mins of hard work.

ChromoDoro Extension for Chrome, to implement Pomodoro Technique

What if my tasks are so difficult to complete?  Well, you can repeat the 25 mins cycle until the task is completed.  If you so prefer, you can adjust the working and rest time in this extension, say 50 mins of working + 10 mins of rest.  So even if you are not a Pomodoro Technique follower, you can use this little tomato as a timer.

Chromodoro Extension - Done

There are many time management techniques out there.  This may not be the most effectively one but I believe it is one of the simplest one.  The rule is simple, work when you are focused, and recharge your battery when you can no longer concentrate.

BTW, do you know why tomato icon is used for this technique and extension?  Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, and it is the most popular shape of a kitchen timer!

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